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Patent law has gone through a revolution in the last two decades. The U.S. Supreme Court has reasserted limits on eligible subject matter while modernizing the standards for basic conditions of patentability such as obviousness, enablement, claim indefiniteness, exhaustion, and secondary liability. The courts and the USPTO continue to absorb the historic changes made by the America Invents Act, including the shift to first inventor to file and upgraded post-issuance patent review proceedings. Now more than ever there is a need for expert guidance in navigating the patent system.

About Clear IP, LLC

At Clear IP, we stay abreast of all development in patent law and policy so that you don't have to.

This includes all of the Federal Circuit’s post-Alice patent-eligibility decisions, and other caselaw-bound areas such as obviousness-type double patenting and the scope of prior art. We also monitor developments at the USPTO and help assist with rule makings and policy decisions. And we provide legal support when it is time for Congress to change the law.

Let us help you stay at the cutting edge of the patent system.

Joe Matal

Joe has served as Acting Director of the USPTO, as well as Acting Solicitor for the agency's legal department. He has participated in many of the most important judicial decisions and agency rule makings of recent years. He also played a lead role in the development of the America Invents Act of 2011.

Our Services

Strategic advice in IP litigation and USPTO proceedings

Help in turning the sharp corners that arise in civil litigation, USPTO validity reviews, and the integration between the two.

Expert testimony on Patent Office policy

The fine points of USPTO rules and policy as they apply to your case.

Patent eligibility analysis

Find the Federal Circuit decisions that are most analogous to your patent, and why the patent specification and evolution of the law supports your case.

Legislative drafting

Experience in drafting numerous intellectual property bills--and seeing them through to completion.

Recent Articles

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 Part II of II, 21 Fed. Cir. B.J. 539 (2012).

30 Fed. Cir. B.J. 87 (2021)

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